4 BBQ Boat Hire Suggestions For The Weekend On The Gold Coast

bbq boat hire suggestions on the gold coast

If you’re lucky enough to live in a location like the Gold Coast that regularly experiences warm weather, you’ll be pleased to know that winter is the perfect time of year to hire a boat for an afternoon and enjoy some time on the water.

Hiring a BBQ boat hire on the Gold Coast is one great option and the perfect excuse to get the boys together and go fishing or get the family out of the house and away from their computer screens for some invigorating fresh air and much-needed winter vitamin D.

Ultimate Guide to BBQ Boat Hire Suggestions On The Gold Coast

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As the weather cools down around the rest of Australia’s southern states, there are a few benefits to living on the Gold Coast. One of those perks is that the weather in winter allows you to take your friends and family out on the water for a few hours or a day. There is no better way to have fun on the water without the responsibility of owning a boat than by hiring a BBQ boat.

You can hire the boat alone or hire the boat with a crew, depending on the size of your party and your budget. There are a few different types of boats available to hire, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. BBQ boats are usually pontoon-style boats with wide flat bottoms that allow plenty of room to move about without fear of tipping the boat over.

They allow you to have the BBQ on the water, so you don’t have to go anywhere to have a meal as you drift on down the canals or float out in the sheltered waters off Surfers Paradise. You can BYO food and drinks or purchase package BBQ deals when you hire the boat.

Things To Bear In Mind When Hiring A BBQ Boat Hire

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While hiring a BBQ boat is a great idea for a weekend mini getaway, there are still a few things to consider. Some hire companies require you to book your hire in advance and leave a bond deposit for security, so plan accordingly and allow for the extra bond money upfront in your budget. Your bond money will be returned in full so long as no damage has occurred.

You’ll also want to make sure that you hire a boat large enough to fit your party comfortably and legally. Some boats are smaller and will only be able to hold a few people, while others can comfortably accommodate a large group. If you’re unsure what size boat you will need, you can always contact the boat hire company and ask for their expert assistance.

Which BBQ Boat Should You Hire?

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There are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding which BBQ boat you’d like to hire. First, you’ll want to choose where you’ll hire the boat from and what pick up and drop off locations you would like in advance.

You’ll also want to think about the number of people in the party. If you are a large group and want to comfortably fit everyone on the boat, you may want to hire a larger boat. If you’re travelling with a smaller group, you can also try to find a smaller boat, which may be cheaper and easier to book.

Pontoon boats are the most economical and easily accessible BBQ boat hire. Their flat, long, blocky shape gives them excellent stability on the water and allows for free movement of all guests. So dancing to music while cooking your lunch isn’t out of the question.

What To Take On Your BBQ Boat Hire?

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If you’re planning to book a BBQ boat, you want to plan ahead and bring a few things with you. While most BBQ boat hires will provide plates, cups, and utensils for you to use, you may want to bring your own if you have specific preferences. You may also wish to self-cater by bringing bar snacks, beverages, or other items you’re planning to eat or drink during the cruise.

If you have small children, bring things to entertain them on the boat, such as crayons or toys, suntan lotions and towels. Our BBQ boat hires have a fully enclosed, all-weather canopy to keep you dry and warm when it’s cool and cool and shaded when it becomes too hot.

Most BBQ boat hire companies will offer a selection of BBQ package deals for an additional fee if you do not want the hassle of self-catering.

Other Things To Consider When Hiring A Boat For The BBQ

When booking a BBQ boat hire, it’s important to ensure that the cruise you’re booking is the right one for you. You will want to make sure you understand how many hours you booked the hire boat for and how long the cruise lasts, allowing for the time it takes to get to your spot and then deduct that from the total of hours so you return in time and are not charged for the extra time. Some BBQ boat hires are a minimum of three hours long, while others last a full day of six hours.

In Conclusion

Hiring a BBQ boat is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny day on the water. If you time it during whale watching season, you can have your cake and eat it too! You may also consider booking a cruise that lasts all day to get more bang for your buck. 

No matter where you live, there’s nothing quite like enjoying a day or night out on the water, and you often feel hungry when by the ocean. Consider pairing your BBQ boat hire for lunch with dinner and a romantic evening in town. You might also like to consider other activities in the area to see and do prior to or after your BBQ boat hire.