Bucks Party Boat Hire Gold Coast

(Waitresses Available)


Party Cruises Gold Coast is running a limited-time offer where we are giving free BBQ sausage sizzle packages to people who book the cruise on a weekday. 

✅ It’s absolutely free
✅ No hidden charges
✅ Enjoy with friends and family
✅ BYO Drinks
✅ Save $200  

💥💥 Hurry up, Book Now Offer is valid for a limited time only!!

Bucks Party Boat Hire Gold Coast

At Party Cruises Gold Coast we pride ourselves on offering the most amazing experience to our guests for bucks parties.

Bucks Party Boat Features:

  • A stereo that has Bluetooth 
  • Can carry up to 16 people
  • Large Stainless Steel BBQ
  • Large & Clean Toilet
  • Comfortable seating
  • Plenty of eskies topped with ice
  • Ideal Broadwater Cruising Boat
  • Ideal for Private Parties, Bucks & Hens Parties, Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, etc. 
  • Ideal for Swimming, Snorkeling, or Fishing

Our bucks party boat hire boats are built for all-weather situations with a hard roof and cafe-style drop-down clear to protect from wind and spray.

On the Gold Coast, affordable party boats like this are hard to find.

Party String Black
sexy waitresses on a boat

If you want to spice up your party we do provide topless waitresses for events such as bucks parties.
The Girls charge $130 p/h and you can have a maximum of 3 girls.

**Note: You are supposed to pay the girls via cash on the day of the event.

Party Boat Hire Gold Coast
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I have yet to encounter a more professional or helpful party boat service than these guys. I have literally zero complaints. Definitely worth a try!.
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Awesome afternoon on a bbq boat hire in the Gold Coast. The crew were so friendly and relaxed and made every effort. Beautiful boat!
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Very easy . Great way to enjoy the best of what Gold Coast has to offer . If you haven't been on a boat with friends you haven't experienced the best of it. Awesome !
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We have had the pleasure of booking a party boat through Party Cruises and have found the process professional and seamless. Matthew is a pleasure to deal with and offered us an array of impressive packages and inclusions to suit each event. We highly recommend this company, thank you!
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Matthew was really helpful Booking was a breeze We went on mirage sun 33 It was overcast and rained for about 20 minutes and we still had fun exploring around and having a crack fishing Highly recommend
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Matthew is a wonderful and very kind owner. He is very generous and treated us very nice. We all enjoyed renting his boat. We would certainly recommend him to our friends who are going to Gold Coast. Thank you Matthew

Our BBQ Packages

sausage sizzle on a bbq boat hire party

Sausage Sizzle

BBQ boat hire grilled Steak Burger

BBQ Steakburger, Salad & Sides

Friends enjoying birthday celebration on the gold coast
Birthday Party Games on the Party boat

We cook while you party

BYO drinks and food. Spirits only in pre-mix cans plenty of eskies on board for your drinks, already iced up.

The party boat hire includes:

  • Ice included in price 
  • BBQ package available
    Available Packages:
    Sausage sizzle $11.00 pp
    Steakburger, salad, sides $22 pp
We offer:
  • BBQ Boat Hire
  • Boat Parties
  • Boat Cruises

And can arrange boat hire Main Beach or boat hire Surfers Paradise public dock. You’ll be cruising in no time! 


Please note: this boat holds 16 People Max

Party Boat Rates:

  • 3 Hours from $900
  • 4 Hours from $1,100
  • All Day (10am-4pm) from $1,500

Celebrate your Birthdays, anniversaries, Hens Parties, and Bucks Parties with the Gold Coast Party Boat Hire. 

Please contact us to confirm prices for these events.

Collection and drop off can be arranged from Surfers Paradise on the water by your hired boatPlease mention this on booking to confirm price of pick up.

Bucks Party Boat With A Twist

  • With the age of the woke movement and the prolific presence of the metrosexual man and their offshoot counterparts, the hipster, buck’s party trends are rapidly evolving from the traditional format in place since the dawn of time. 

  • Buck’s parties usually involve a stripper, enough alcohol to take down a bull elephant and every crass, dirty, sexually slanted joke created and shared between men when they are brought together to celebrate the life of the buck soon to give up the freedoms of bachelorhood for love and becoming a duo.

  • There is nothing wrong with a land-based traditional buck’s party for those with the conventional mindset. We fully support all bucks party boats BYO alcohol options. We have plenty of room on our bucks party boat for your stag crew to set up your hired tap and beer keg or spirits table. 
boys enjoying on bucks party boat
A bunch of boys enjoying drinks
  • Our bucks party boat provides several ice chests filled with ice included in the hire price. All bucks party boat eskies are within easy reach for premixed, bottled, or canned beverages, and they will remain ice cold and ready for consumption from the moment your bucks party boat leaves the jetty!

  • There are plenty of venues on dry land willing to cater to the stag business, but what options are out there for the trailblazers and those not interested in getting black-out drunk, ending up in a brawl or having one final fling with the stripper before standing in front of friends and family, verbally vowing to love, honour, and cherish the intended bride faithfully ever after?


  • Welcome to the new-age bucks party boat hire concept! Hire a bucks party boat and instantly protect your guests from gate crashers by throwing your buck’s party offshore and on the water! Take your loud, happy, boisterous natures out onto the open water, where you can party hard and sing AC/DC and Cold Chisel songs at the top of your voices without annoying the neighbours or other venue users, as can happen on land when inebriation sets in and social manners give way to egos.

  • Take on the role of DJ and play your personal music compilations at decibels loud enough to wake the dead as your tunes of choice are blasted through the bucks party boat Bluetooth surround sound system. Conversely, grab a dose of culture for the refined bachelors and let Vivaldi’s Four Seasons play harmoniously in the background as you all play drinking games or converse.

  • If your stag crew is filled with pranksters handy with a razor, green skin dye and a bottle of red hair colouring, you might want to plan your bucks party boat event a week before the big day to lose the leprechaun look your mates left you sporting after the buck passed out drunk.

three boys talking at bucks party
  • A private bucks party boat hire gives you unlimited potential to change up the traditional and make your mark on your last days of bachelorhood.

  • Get your posse together and make your buck’s party boat event one that reflects the buck’s single life shared with his best friends that will, in most cases, be curtailed, reduced, or removed from his life completely over time once he is married and his priorities shift direction from single life to married life.

  • You don’t have to consume alcohol to have a good time. We welcome the dry stag crews too! You can still have an outrageously good time on your bucks party boat without the aid of alcohol.


  • The buck and guests are far more likely to remember the events that took place on your last day as a bachelor, and the photos taken stand a better chance of not being blurry and off-centre when you look back on them in the years and decades that follow.
  •  Why not make your dry buck’s party boat hire a sunrise-to-sunrise event and opt to start the day with a bucks party boat sunrise breakfast cruise and three hours of snorkelling or diving on your buck’s party boat adventure?


  • Plan a dive on one of the many dive locations across the Gold Coast with your best buds, or let our captain cruise you to Wave Break Island for a day of swimming, beach cricket or whatever party games your crew has arranged.


  • Finish your day with an onboard BBQ and a few soft drinks, ciders, or wines to cap the day off, and get ready to start the evening portion of your event in the more traditional style back on land.


  • Organise a bucks party boat fishing trip that allows you all to sit back and relax, sip on the suds and shoot the breeze while the sounds and aromas of meat sizzling on the BBQ reach you. 

A group of boys dancing in the bucks party
  • Regale each other with your adventures of the one that got away, and relive the events undertaken in youth that led to the present-day groom-to-be choosing his bride and determined to settle down into the family lifestyle. Never has a soon-to-be groom needed advice on what to expect from his married friends than at this time in his life!

  • Booking a bucks party boat for your buck’s party gives you the added benefits of privacy and security. You don’t need to hire bouncers to keep unwanted guests or crazy Exes at bay as you and your crew party the day away.

  • Your bucks party boat hire comes with a certified and licenced captain to take care of the safe operation of the boat and ensure the safe return to the shore of all the party guests.

  • Spread out over the number of guests, the cost of hiring your private bucks party boat can be ridiculously cheap and significantly more cost-effective than hiring a party room in a venue on land, with the added benefit of not having to share the amenities with anyone else from other stag parties that might clash after a few too many drinks clouds judgements.

  • The Mirage Sun 33 is the ideal bucks party boat to hire. The Mirage Sun 33 holds 16 party guests.

  • We are not licenced to sell alcohol on board the bucks party boat. However, you can BYO alcohol and catering options.

  • We are happy to accommodate individual parties’ requests within our ability to provide the service, remain within our legal duty of care and operational guidelines, and adhere to land-based and maritime laws.

  • Don’t procrastinate. Call us today and talk to one of our friendly staff to discuss making your bucks party boat vision come to life!
a bunch of friends laughing and talking