Are You Planning your Next Business Event on a Boat: 5 most common questions answered

boat-hire-gold coast-private-business-event

A great business event or function will leave a lasting impression on your staff and colleagues, especially if your event space is a private boat hire on the Gold Coast and there are plenty to choose from for all budget levels.

Party Cruise Gold Coast offers you the flexibility to choose a space tailored to your group size of up to sixteen people for any corporate function style and budget.

It can be as intimate as a group of five taking a BBQ cruise with us or sixteen people in total. If you have a corporate credit card, you can check out the competition and splurge on a lavish superyacht party with five-star catering and onboard entertainment on the Gold Coast. Team building cruises, product launches, client meetings, conferences, networking events, sit-down corporate events, Christmas parties – excuse the pun but whatever floats your boat is out there waiting to meet your needs.

What do you need to know to plan a successful corporate event on a boat, and what can we do to assist you in gathering information? We answer a few common questions below:

1. How much does it cost to hire a Party Boat for a Business Event?

Party Cruise Boat Hire has a pricing system based on the number of people and the number of hours the boat is hired. Prices may vary significantly based on what kind of business event you are looking to have, the time of year you want to hold the event, the number of guests, and the hours you want to be on the water. Let’s say most event bookings are 3-4 hours. In winter, you may pay anything from $350 per hour for a smaller boat up to 16 people to $2500 per hour and up for a luxe superyacht. That is the boat hire cost only; you will then need to think about additional food, drinks, and entertainment.

2. Can I come ahead of time to set up my presentation or event?

food on the boat

Party Cruise Boat Hire can arrange inspections before booking, and we can arrange early boarding times to set up or decorate the boat, provided that the boat is not already in service with another hire and is available to do so.

The hours of operation vary from client to client, and every boat hire is on a bespoke case-by-case basis with the boat owners. Contact us with any questions and let us know when you are finished with the planning stage. We will be happy to offer any advice or assistance with setup times.

3. What are the food and drink options?

Most boats offer a range of food and drinks packages you can order in advance for business events. They also allow for self-catering options where you bring your own catering staff or food and drinks packages on board. The type of food and the cost of the package will depend on the items you desire and the budget you have to spend per head on your guests. Different operators will cater to a diverse clientele, but most business hires will offer finger food such as cold or hot canapes, seafood platters, or fruit platters that are easy to eat with the fingers and can be ready to consume when your guests arrive and get settled in. 

Alternatively, you can book larger boats with full commercial kitchens, fully stocked bars, and staff that wait and cater to your needs for a cocktail or sit-down event. For smaller business events, you can choose BYO food and drinks or book a boat with a BBQ and go for a modified teppanyaki-style setup. It all depends on the kind of event you want to plan and what your event involves.

4. What if it rains?

Party Boat Hire Mirage Sun Interior

Party Cruise Boat Hire is made for all-weather conditions. Our boats are fully enclosed with undercover options on the decks in wet weather. Don’t let the rain ruin your event. Keep your guest warm and dry while giving your presentation, or simply have a great time.

In the event of natural disasters, issues that arise that are out of human control, or the weather conditions have been deemed unsafe as determined by the marine authority and the charter boat operator. We will offer a 12-month voucher equal to the value of your hire charter that you can use when you reschedule your cruise with us. If the inability to sail at the scheduled time results from something on our end, we will refund your money in full. However, if the issue is caused by an external situation out of our control, or you need to cancel or reschedule, we do not offer full money-back, only credit for rescheduling at your next convenience or a partial refund via our cancellation policy.

6. What are the cancellation fees?

Our Cancellation Policy considers how early you’ve been able to cancel your booking.

Once you confirm your booking date with us, you effectively prevent any other hires that seek the time you have booked. Therefore, cancelling your booking incurs a loss of business to us that we need to recover. The closer to the date of the event, any food procured in advance, staff hired, and boat costs incurred will be considered and deducted from the booking fee. Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions, doubts or concerns prior to booking your event.