Hens Party on a boat gold coast

With most of the Gold Coast population living within driving distance of the coastline, it is easier than ever to find a place to hold a pre-wedding hens party boat hire remote enough from civilisation to feel like a secluded getaway, yet close enough for your guests to access easily.


Hens Party Ideas

Do you remember the last time you had a hen’s night out? If it has been a while, you have likely forgotten the last time you had a fun night out with your girlfriends. A great hens party ideas is to hire a party boat, catch up with friends and celebrate the last few days or hours of being a single woman on a cruise. It can also be a chance for you and your friends to let your hair down and go wild. Some hen’s parties are only for women, while others can be combined with a stag do and enjoyed by men. If you seek to hire a private hens party boat rental on the Gold Coast to hold your hens party, you’ve come to the right place.


Hens Party Boat Hire

A hen’s party is a celebration usually reserved for women only. Traditionally, the bridesmaid organises and throws a party for the soon to be bride called a ‘Hen’s party. It’s a fun night out where girls get together and have a great time without the boys. 

However, why not think outside of the tried and true box. Organise a hens party cruise during the day and take full advantage of the features onboard your own private hens party boat hire. Not every party needs to be an alcohol-fuelled bender the likes the lads throw for their buck’s parties. Women can take the refined route and plan out themes for the bride to be.


Hens Party Sailors

Why not rent a party boat and take your party to the waves and water as your next hens party ideas? There is no better place to spend the day on the water than the Gold Coast to celebrate being single by celebrating with your friends while on the water. Well, aside from the fact that you can’t get any more laid back than being on your own private party boat cruise while drinking margaritas, it is also safer than having your event in a public venue or having gate crashers turn up on your doorstep wanting entry. 

Taking your Hens party on the water gives you all the space you and your girlfriends need to sing karaoke at the top of your voices, blasted from the sound system along with your personal choice of music, and not upset the neighbors or other patrons out to have a good time of their own in a shared public venue.


good time at a hens party in gold coast

There are so many options for you to choice on your next hens party ideas. Party boat hire could be one of the most exciting one. You can cater the food and drinks that your hens prefer and allow for any dietary requirements not included in standard packages. Some cruises offer package deals combining food and alcohol; others allow you to BYO. You can even hire external entertainment like a DJ, or a band, male strippers, or topless waiter eye candy to perform for your hen and her friends. 

You are free to play all the adult games you desire and challenge your friends to see how well they know each other as you bond, creating new memories to cherish as the years roll past. You find yourself a decade into married life, looking back at what a special day you all had on your hens party boat hire.


Hens Party cruises

Hosting a hen’s party can be a lot of fun. All you need to do is plan the perfect party and ensure the guests are ready to have a great time. Why not host your hen’s party on one of our party boats to make it even more fun? This is a great way to get the girls together and spend quality time with your friends. Extend your hen’s party across the weekend, and look at our blog page for interesting things to do and places to see while on the Gold Coast with your best friends celebrating your final days as a single woman.