Romantic Locations And Fun Date Ideas To Spring A Surprise Proposal

Our Top 6 Romantic Locations and fun date ideas on the Gold Coast

Where to pop the biggest question of them all is a conundrum for anyone wanting to propose to the love of their life. No matter which end of the ring you are on, the one thing you both desire is the perfect moment in time captured for memory, and for sharing how and where your intended popped the big question.

The Gold Coast has credit for being one of the world’s most memorable locations. Use the majestic offerings and diverse locations for your upcoming wedding proposals or fun date ideas and allow us to offer you some engagement ideas and romantic places to undertake them.

The Gold Coast is a world-class tourist destination and would be the perfect place to create that special moment you will both remember and share with your friends, family, and maybe great-grandchildren in the decades to come.

1. Skypoint On The Observation Deck

Fun date ideas on the Sky Point Australia

The Skypoint Observation Deck stands 230 meters above Surfer’s Paradise and offers a breathtaking 360-degree view of the Gold Coast. Opt for a meal in the restaurant or take the time to compare the stunning views with your intended while pulling the ring from your pocket and assuring the love of your life that nothing compares to the view before you or takes your breath away every time their smile shines with love. Then pop the biggest question you will ever ask of another person with a proposal they never forget.

2. Burleigh Head Oceanview Track

Burleigh Head Oceanview Track

Located on the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads, the Ocean View Track has exceptional scenery, from rocky cliffs to the canopy-covered rainforest. Take your soon-to-be fiancé for a walk along the Ocean View Track at Burleigh Head National Park and take in the spectacular clifftop lookout. Pull her into your arms and gaze as far as the horizon to the east allows, maybe catch some whale watching and then drop and pop the big question as you present her with the ring of her dreams and ask her to join you in marriage, sharing with you the journey of the rest of your lives.

3. Venice On The Gold Coast

Fun date ideas on the Gold Coast Gondolas

Romantic things to do on the Gold Coast are plentiful, and never has a woman said no to being dressed to the nines, wearing the perfect hairstyle and makeup, out on the town seated in a fine dining establishment. Such a setting has a ton of romantic appeal as an engagement idea to traditionalists. However, not everyone is a traditionalist. Trailblazers love to forge their own paths in life, so why not make your engagement proposal bespoke while cruising the canals of the Gold Coast on a Gondola.

Located at Mariners Cove in Main Beach, you can bring the ambiance of Venice right to your intended and not have to worry about passports until the honeymoon. If you love intimate moments and privacy, or you fear potential rejection and don’t want a crowd to witness the answer to your posed question of, “Will you marry me?” then a private boat hire or gondola is the perfect romantic engagement setting.

4. Adrenaline Junkie Proposal

People sky diving

If you and your intended are thrill-seeking adrenaline-driven junkies, then the sky is literally the limit! It has been done before, but not by many, and one of the most extreme fun date ideas or wedding proposal ideas has to be while skydiving. Gold Coast Skydive will help set you up to propose to your loved one before you both take the leap or after you land and are high on the adrenaline rush. Landing on the beautiful Kirra Beach, you could walk away as a newly engaged couple or set the scene and propose to your intended on the warm white sands of paradise. No one ever finished a skydive expecting to be proposed to after the experience, so it is guaranteed to steal their breath literally and figuratively when you pop the lid on the box and ask them to be yours until the end of time.

5. Tamborine Mountain


You have ever fantasised about proposing in front of a waterfall with a beautiful rainforest backdrop and the sounds of nature and rushing water filling the air. That is exactly what you will get while bushwalking in Mt. Tamborine, at Springwood Falls, or in any of the Gold Coasts’ national parks. You can stroll along 1.5 km of combined forest floor trails, 300 meters of high-tech steel bridges through the highest points of the upper canopy, and a 40-meter cantilever bridge that soars a breathtaking 30 meters above the creek and rainforest below when you take the skywalk. Fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, bathe your skin in sunshine, and listen to the abundant wildlife while plugging up the courage and finding the perfect moment to pop the big question. Isn’t it one of the amazing fun date ideas with your partner?

6. Boat Hire is definitely one of the many fun date ideas.

Party Boat Hire Mirage 45

Do you want friends and family to witness your proposal and be there to celebrate with you when your intended says, “Yes!” Hire a boat on the Gold Coast and cruise around the canals and waterways while you soak up the congratulations and start planning your future wedding. Party Boat Hire is one way for you to have a large number of people present, and you have the added advantage of security out on the water that prevents gate crashers and unwanted guests. Party boats come in a range of sizes and cater to all budget constraints. Surfer’s Paradise has so many to choose from you will need to do your homework, but now is the perfect time with winter prices to negotiate a fantastic deal on your romantic Gold Coast engagement party. Now please tell me is it not one of the great fun date ideas on Gold Coast.