Terms and Conditions

Preparation is Key!  Just as you would expect to see a seaworthy vessel waiting for you on arrival at surfers central or an agreed pick up location, we also have some expectations for your arrival. 

Because there is limited availability to launch our vessels, please be considerate to all our other seafarer’s and arrive 15 minutes before your departure time to ensure that everything is shipshape.

Please understand surfers central is a public place, and drinking alcohol in these locations is illegal this may incur fines. Consuming alcohol in the areas from the car park to our mooring location is not permitted and will result in the cancellation of your hire. 

Plans can change faster than the sea, and we appreciate that unforeseen circumstances can still happen to the best of us. We will hold your reservation for 1 hour past the agreed time. If this occurs and no effort to inform our office has been made. Your booking will be thrown overboard.


Organising an event such as this will incur a surcharge of $200, to be included in the fee of your vessel hire.


Only approved spirits (pre-mixed bottles and cans) that are unopened and in sensible quantities are able to be brought aboard the ship.

Quantity is determined at our discretion and is partly based on the duration of the hire.
10 six-packs is not a moderated amount of alcohol for a 45-minute booking, please be responsible when making preparations for your booking.

Any person who arrives drunk as a sailor is visibly intoxicated, or under the influence of substances will not be permitted onboard. 

It is expected that you and the members of your group remain sensible in your alcohol consumption as members of the public, in a public setting. If your own actions or that of your group calls this into question your bond may be held and the local Police requested to have you removed from the premises.


Keep Polly at home, we have no crackers!
Unfortunately, we do not permit any domestic on our vessels. However, if you require the support of a service animal, please make our team aware of any relevant information before finalising you’re booking with us.


Paying a bond allows us to keep the scallywags at bay. Any booking made involves the need to pay an amount separate from the booking cost as a form of insurance in case of any unforeseen damages or incidents that could happen while you captain the ship.

Party Cruises Gold Coast charges a security deposit of $200 that is to be paid with the 50% deposit for the cruise (to be negotiated at the time of booking).

The team at party Cruises Gold Coast will go over every detail of your hired boat with you. Make sure you understand everything we need you to know. Failing to adhere to your signed conditions of hire, or following the given instructions of our team, will result in the loss of your deposit.

Your bond will also be deemed non-refundable if any additional conditions that are included, for your safety, are ignored on the day of hire. 

In the event of any conduct or behaviour that is considered either aggressive, antisocial, or dangerous, will have the local police called to remove this person or persons from the marina, and their deposit lost.

A security bond will be refunded fully with 24hrs after the completion of the cruise and everything is in order.


The booking invoice is to be settled no less than 7 days before the day of hire. Payment must be made in full using direct deposit or credit card.

If bookings are made 4 days prior to the departure date, full payment is required up front to secure the booking.

Just call during our 9 am to 5:00 pm office hours, and our dedicated team will help you set sail with one of the ships in the Party Boat fleet. 

Obtaining a booking confirmation before your intended day is essential and without one, you may be inconvenienced on the day. 

Refunds are subject to discretion and will not be available in some circumstances


Completing your booking and finalising the payment are required to confirm your boat hire for your desired day.

Dangerous weather conditions on the day will result in your booking being rescheduled for another day, if this is not a possibility a refund can be given at Party Cruises Gold Coast’s discretion. However, we do not allow boat hire cancellations based on any forecasts leading up to your chosen date.

If your boat hire is impacted due to unforeseen COVID-19 restrictions within 14 days of the day your boat is to be hired, your booking will be transferred to another date.

Cancellations for any other reason than the agreed bad weather conditions will have no refund issued, instead, a credit for another day is given as per our refund policy


All of our available Boats for Hire are covered by a minimum day rate. Any additional features, deals, and inclusions are in addition to this day rate 

Hire rates are not inclusive of bond requirements and are as per the website. Discounts, promotions, and package deals are subject to change without notice

During our busy season and on public holidays, an additional fee is included in our daily rate. This ensures our boats are maintained more regularly during these periods of increased service and demand


As previously mentioned under the bond heading, unless our standards of cleanliness are met upon returning the vessel, it is unlikely that the full deposit will be released. 

[Party Cruises Gold Coast] expects that a reasonable level of consideration is taken towards the tidiness, care, and general use of your boat hire. 

If our team has to clean up after you upon returning your boat hire, this will result in passing on cleaning fees to your bill, up to and including the potential loss of bond in extreme situations.


Our skippered party boats which are driven by our skipper and prices can be seen on our website for all guy functions

Any entertainment must be authorised by party Cruises Gold Coast before the day of hire to avoid disappointment