Affordable Boat Hire on the Gold Coast in winters

Do you need some inspiration to charter a boat on the Gold Coast this winter? Let's help you get an affordable boat hire service this season.

10 Reasons to a Hire Boat in Winters on Gold Coast

The seasons are transitioning, summer gave way to early autumn, and overnight temperatures are lowering the mercury gauge. Gold Coast winter days always remain warm, bright, and sunny as ever. Winter is one of the most underrated seasons for hiring a boat and getting out on the Gold Coast waterways. With fewer crowds and sweeping blue skies, winter is the perfect time to hire a boat, fire up the engines and get your dose of fresh, crisp sea air.

1. Boat hire prices

People partying on a boat

Gold Coast boat hires in winter are cheaper than summer hires due to off-season rates. Planning your day on the water in the winter period will allow you to find a boat hire that fits your budget. In winter, you can afford to cruise on a boat you might not have been able to afford at the summer rate and possibly for longer than the summer rate allows. Depending on the operator, you could save hundreds of dollars booking a winter boat hire for the same experience as a summer rental. Who doesn’t love to save money on a great deal!

2. Say goodbye to time constraints

Boat Party

Tourism trends have changed thanks to Covid-19 restrictions on a global scale. As a result, tourists around the Gold Coast area are in reduced numbers meaning you’ll find more aggressive competition between the boat hire companies for your leisure business. More competition between providers means great negotiation leverage for you to maximise your dollar and find the experience you seek.

There are usually set time restrictions for the minimum and a maximum number of hours you can undertake your cruise in the summer months. Your summer cruise costs could restrict your time on the water to as little as two or three hours. Hiring a boat on the Gold Coat in winter allows you the option of negotiating a lower hourly rate so you can spend more time on the water, getting a bigger bang for your buck.

3. Swim in the middle of winter

swimming in the Ocean in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is warm and thriving all year round, thanks to our perfectly positioned location under the sun and close to the equator. Our winters are significantly warmer than our amigos in the southern states and the northern hemisphere. Our water temperature in the winter rarely falls below 20C, meaning you can still swim, snorkel and get wet without freezing to death in winter!

4. Enjoy the open waterways and canals

waterways of Gold Coast

With wide-open spaces, and the serenity of a captain at the helm, comes the bliss of uninterrupted cruising and a carefree, relaxing day on the water. A Gold Coast winter boat hire experience delivers every shade of blue water on the spectrum while the sunshine tans your skin. Fresh air, vitamin D, and passive exercise while you relax. The perfect luxe trifecta awaits you.

5. If you don't like the weather, come back in ten minutes

Fishing on a boat

Despite it being cooler at night, the weather on the Gold Coast in winter is spectacular! As the old advertising campaign says: “Queensland; Beautiful one day, perfect the next!” Soak up the splendor of warm sand as you tan or return to your childhood with a run along the beach in the warm rain. Better still, hire a boat and spend the day fishing, cruising the canals, or just eating, drinking, and being grateful for the beauty that is our amazing place on the planet shared with good friends and family.

6. Whale watching season

Whale watching in gold coast

Sun-loving, party people flock to the Gold Coast during the cooler months in their home states not just to party the nights and days away in Surfer’s Paradise but because it is whale watching season. Hiring a boat during the whale migration window is an incredible way to get up close and personal with the ephemeral gentle giants of the sea. You might be lucky and capture the perfect picture of their majestic breaching and frolicking to frame on your photo wall, or plaster across your social media brag pages.

7. Warm enough to play and stay outdoors

alone on island

Is there anything better than the feeling of the warm sun and sand running through your fingers as you watch the wave sets roll in and envy the surfers’ skills on the board as they ride wave after wave to the shore? It is rarely too cold to swim on the Gold Coast due to our ambient warm winter waters rarely dipping below 20C and usually around 22C – 24C in winter. There is plenty of sun, sand, surf, and ocean for your hire boat to traverse. Pull up on an island only boats can get you to and spend some time alone in solitude, paint a masterpiece, or snorkel in the warm waters filled with diverse sea creatures.

8. The boats are adaptable

Party Boat Hire Mirage Sun Interior

One of the best parts of boat hire during the winter months is using the full extent of our hire vessels’ flexibility. If it is too chilly for the outside air, our hire boat deck is fully enclosed, allowing you the luxury of not being burned under a hot sun and not being windblown by the combination of sea wind and movement through the water at speed. Relax in a cosy environment with your loved ones and enjoy the picnic spread you brought with you as the captain takes care of business while you take care of the leisure and pleasure of being on the water

9. Experience the beauty of a warm winter

Tropical Winter

It might be winter, but the Gold Coast didn’t get the memo! Our tropical winters are the world’s envy, and winter on the Gold Coast is one of the most underrated times of the year to be riding the waves and peering into the deep blue from the decks of a boat. There is something for everyone to enjoy in winter, so soak up the quiet season and step into the relaxed lull of mid-year with a float your boat winter splurge for yourself, your friends, or your family.

10. Pair your boat hire with other winter activities

Theme Parks in Gold Coast

For those who love the theme parks or the national parks, why not combine your boat hire with a trip to the Tamborine Mountains? After a couple of serene and crisp hours out on the canals checking out how the other half lives in your comfortable boat hire, step back onto land and set off into the mountains to get your daily dose of exercise and sightseeing on land. If that sounds like your idea of hell, try indoor skydiving or stay on the water with other water-based activities and operators. There is an endless stream of things to do on the Gold Coast, and winter is the perfect time to make the most of them all at reduced rates.