Everything You Need to Know About Party Cruises

You can hire a cheap party boat on the Gold Coast anywhere from Main Beach to Coomera and everywhere between. Concentrate your search on the areas in and surrounding Southport and Broadwater, as they are the main hub of the largest number of cheap party boat hires in the marketplace. The numerous operators will compete for your business in the affordable boat hire on the Gold Coast industry, so you may be able to save some money if they offer to undercut their competitors’ advertised price.

Affordable party boat hires on the Gold Coast are in plentiful supply with countless private small business owner/skipper cheap boat hires eager for your business and willing to ensure you get the best experience your money can buy. Affordable party boat hires start with kayaks and finish with luxury super yachts. Your budget dictates the affordability of your chosen hire, and there is a cheap boat hire option for every budget level and reason for hiring a cheap party boat hire.

Are you planning an upcoming birthday party or engagement party?

Why not consider booking an affordable party boat on the Gold Coast to stage your hens’ party event? Do you want to get the boys together for a day fishing and catching up on the water? We have them covered too when you hire and book your next party cruise on our party boat Gold Coast boat hire with us.

No licence required, self-drive boat hire on the Gold Coast can be sourced from several pontoon hire companies operating out of the Southport, Runaway Bay and Surfers Paradise area. You can find them in plentiful supply on the Broadwater surrounding Surfers Paradise, usually advertising under pontoon boats.

Self driving boats can be soo much fun. If you are a group of 12 or less people you can easily hire a self driving party pontoon. Unfortunately at party cruises all our boats come with a skipper, however our friends at Gold Coast Party Pontoons provide multiple self driving boats in Runaway Bay, QLD. 

If you are looking for an amazing time with your friends or family on the Gold Coast, please get in touch with Craig on: 0417 780 260

If you need to ask that question, you are going to love Queensland. There is never a bad time to hire a party boat on the Gold Coast! Rain, hail, or blistering sunshine, the subtropical weather on the Gold Coast is the perfect climate year-round to undertake a range of on-the-water activities and hiring a party boat on the Gold Coast for your event or for a day of relaxing pleasure should be top of your list of things to do while you are on the Gold Coast.

If you fancy a spot of whale watching, then September to November are the best months to book your private party cruise on a Gold Coast boat hire. Don’t let the season or the weather keep you from seeing the Gold Coast while on the deck of your Gold Coast hire party boat, enjoying the enticing azure blue waters of your fully enclosed and skippered party boat from party cruise Gold Coast boat hire.

From birthdays to theme parties, bucks’ nights to corporate events, hire a party boat on the Gold Coast today! There are twelve months in a year, and every one of them is the perfect time to hire a party boat on the Gold Coast, so what are you waiting for? Book your next party with Party Cruise Gold Coast and have the time of your life!

There are several overnight boat hire services on the Gold Coast, but none of them run to the lower end of the overnight boat hire budget scale. If you are seeking to hire a private overnight boat hire on the Gold Coast, you will be entering the luxury yacht market, and prices will vary from operator to operator and the package deals they are running on the day you peruse their websites. If money is not a concern, start looking in the Southport area for the operator that best suits your needs.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to the high-end market level, overnight boat hires on the Gold Coast are not your only option. Try an afternoon river cruise with a stunning sunset to conclude your bespoke river tour, and then sequester yourself away in a boutique hotel apartment on the water in the Mirage Marina or Surfers Paradise area. 

The cost of hiring your own daytime cruise with a separate hotel will often be the more affordable option than overnight boat hire on the Gold Coast. When you add special deals from hotel websites that offer cheap accommodation or extended package deals, you might find yourself having a far better time with a captained BBQ river cruise boat hire on the Gold Coast over the significantly more expensive overnight boat hire on a luxury yacht.

Not to mention seasickness. If you are new to spending time on the water, you may discover that the fluid movement in your eustachian tubes reacts adversely to you having the good times you planned on an overnight Gold Coast boat hire. The eustachian tube is a thin tube that connects the middle ear to the back of the nose. 

This tube helps balance air pressure on both sides of the eardrum and affects your balance when the water under you is constantly moving. The imbalance in pressure between the ears is what causes people to feel queasy and nauseous. Throwing up and spending the night feeling unwell and seasick is a sure-fire way to kill any romance or retain fond memories of your expensive fiasco. 

We suggest you test the waters with a day tour and a few hours on relatively calm and smooth water while you allow the skipper of the boat to do all the work! You get to relax, eat, drink and put your stomach, ears and love of the water to the test before spending large on an overnight boat hire on the Gold Coast you might come to regret.

If you want to hire a boat on the Gold Coast Broadwater but don’t know where to start or what services the multitude of operators offer, allow me to lend you a hand and provide some suggestions to make your life that little bit easier. Hiring a boat on the Gold Coast is easy, but hiring the right one can be a little tricky. 

First, you need to establish exactly what you want your boat hire to achieve. Are you seeking to take a relaxing river cruise up the Nerang River or hire a BBQ pontoon self-drive boat? Are you looking for a public cruise to share with others and make new friends or a bespoke private charter for friends and family to cruise the Broadwater and canals? We haven’t finished yet; you can hire a boat on the Gold Coast Broadwater for any occasion and find an operator that fits your budget constraints.

As for how you hire a boat on the Gold Coast Broadwater, we suggest you start with your reason for wanting to hire the boat and then search the web. Let’s say you seek to hire a private river cruise on one of the many rivers that feed into the Gold Coast Broadwater. You can opt for a range of activities, from kayaking to booking your own private boat rental, through a website that offers a range of options. Perhaps you need to hire a boat to throw a birthday party with a difference or an engagement party for your Hens and Bucks and their entourage.

Are you looking for a day on the water fishing with the family or the boys? Why not check out the BBQ boat hire options and include a BBQ package deal or BYO food and drinks. Not quite finished yet. Why not throw a themed party just because you can! Gather your friends around, hire a boat for the day and come dressed up as the theme chosen by the host or hostess! 

The cost of hiring a boat on the Gold Coast is exceptionally affordable on a per person ratio and caters to all budget brackets and hire boat classes. They are all easily accessible and most offer several pick-up and drop-off locations if you require that service.

With our party boat cruise, you certainly can choose a custom route or destination for our pontoon boat. You can opt for a Canal Cruise, River Cruise or Island Cruise. If you hire the entire boat, you can indulge in the luxury of all three! You are only limited by time constraints and the vessel’s legal limitations. If you don’t know the area, or you need some ideas to pull off the perfect date, call us, and we will be happy to help get you squared away with a quote and suggestions. It’s all up to you!

Our boat is moored in Southport at the Southport Yacht Club Marina on the Gold Coast. We offer pickup and drop off at different points along the Gold Coast coastline. If you have access to a private jetty or prefer to be picked up at a public jetty, we can accommodate you where possible. Call us to discuss your proposed location.

The maximum legal capacity of our Gold Coast Party Boat for hire is 22 people. However, for safety reasons and guest management, along with additional crew required from time to time and individual booking requirements, we allow 16 guests. That number does not include the skipper and any crew counted in addition where required.

No. Even though all our hires meet the Australian Maritime Safety Authority’s category for a pontoon boat with no license required to operate in sheltered waters, each of our hires is inclusive of an experienced skipper who steers and pilots the boat. At this time, the boat is not available for hire without our professional skipper at the helm. The Bond required to provide self-drive hire services costs more than hiring the boat, complete with our seasoned skipper who knows the waterways and Australian Maritime laws.

We offer two options with our private boat hire and private boat cruises. The first option most certainly allows our guests to be completely self-catering. If you choose that option, then we provide the BBQ facilities for you to cook your food, and we can even cook it for you.

The second option is that you can purchase a catered pack from us when you book your party boat hire and BBQ package. We offer several catered packages that remove the stress and time required to put something together yourself. If you tell us your reason for hiring the party boat or the BBQ boat, we can even put together a tailor-made package for your special occasion. 

The prices and content of the packages would be POA and dependant on the budget category chosen. We start with a basic sausage sizzle and side salads for $11 pp up to our range of steak and multiple side dishes for $22 pp.

All alcohol is BYO. We are happy to provide ice filled ice chests to keep your drinks cold. We recommend that spirits are premixed in cans or bottles for convenience, and that wine or champagne has enough disposable flutes and glasses for your guests (with a few spares in case).

You are not able to fish from the Party Boat on public cruises. If you opt to hire the Party Boat privately, then by all means, if you ask your skipper nicely, he might take you to his favourite places for you to drop in a line and hopefully pull up a fresh fish or two to add to your BBQ meal. 

At present, due to COVID-19 restrictions, you will be required to BYO fishing rods and tackle.