enjoy a party on a boat

Boat Party Theme Ideas are a great way to team build and bond in the workplace and beyond. Whether you are throwing a casual get-together for friends, a family reunion, or a company outing, a boat party theme idea is a novel way to create unforgettable impressions.

You could dress up as themed characters from a TV show or movie and bring them to life by replicating the settings, costumes, and props from your show of choice. Here are some of our favourite boat party theme ideas that will have your friends, colleagues, and family members in awe!


Pirate theme boat party

If you and your crew are big fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and the swashbuckling world of pirates, a Pirates and Mermaids theme is an excellent choice for your next boat party! From the tropical setting to the mermaids and sea creatures, your guests will be transported to the Caribbean Sea.


Animal Inspired boat party

Have you ever dabbled in mixed media art classes and wondered how you could incorporate some of your favourite nature-inspired elements into your boat party theme? Animal-Inspired is a great way to do just that! You can choose from a wide variety of animals to represent your crew, such as pandas, polar bears, or elephants.

Leave the costume to your guests and see what amazing creations they board the boat wearing and capture it all on camera for prosperity’s sake (or blackmail photos when they become famous). This boat party idea also allows you to mix and match colours to create a unique and vibrant colour palette for your themed boat party.


Latin boat party

We are all about fun at Party Cruise Gold Coast, so we had to include our favourite festive boat party theme ideas. This theme lets you bring out the tequila, the piñata, the tacos, and the churros! There is an entire colour spectrum to collide together when you choose this boat party dress idea.

Add to the explosions of bright and festive with helium-filled coloured balloons and decorations to bring that upbeat Latino vibe to your party. Add the Latin music and give your Samba dancing skills a good workout!


Group of friends enjoying drinks on a boat in gold coast

If you and your guests are die-hard fans of The Great Gatsby, then a Classic and Luxurious boat party idea is the perfect theme for you! You can bring the roaring 20s to life with flapper dresses, 1920’s-style boat decor, and a roaring 1920’s-era jazz band. 

Boat party-themed idea dinners could include a French-inspired feast, a traditional Greek feast, or a five-star catered canape blitz. Boat party theme ideas let you invite your friends and family members together to experience a new, themed dining experience.


Group of friends enjoying sunset at the party by the river

Another classic boat party theme idea for a bride to be for a summer wedding or engagement party is Summery and Romantic. This boat party theme is a classic, but that doesn’t mean it should be forgotten! Throw your party on a yacht with lantern-lit dinners, a photo booth for your guests to capture the memories of their day, and a gelato bar for dessert. Your guests will love this unique and memorable experience!


Downton Abbey party boat theme

For this boat party dress theme, the ladies and gentlemen can opt to revert to Downton Abbey inspired dress code and protocols. Won’t that make for an interesting day on the water! Sit back and watch your friends, colleagues and family trying to shake off centuries of freedom to behave in a tightly repressed and conformist manner.

Place bets on who will break character first and have a fitting punishment for them. This themed boat party idea is perfect for the Machiavellian authoritarian (or CEO) who likes to have fun at the expense of others. You know you’re out there!


themed party boat ideas on the gold coast

If you’re looking for ways to get your friends and family members to dine together, a themed dinner is an excellent option. Themed dinners can also be a great way to introduce new people to one another, as they can all eat together in the same room and break bread together. Your boat party theme idea could head into the eccentric realms. 

Have your guests come as their favourite mad scientist or wildest hillbilly outlaw and see what level of crazy your loved ones have tucked under the surface layers they present to the world. We all have a wild side hidden away. Let it out in this crazy boat party dress theme. Should your stomach prefer a land-based cuisine we have you covered.


Cartoon themed boat parties

If your friends and family are huge fans of video games, this boat party theme idea is sure to be a hit! Emulate characters from your kids’ (or big kids at heart) favourite games, such as Mario Brothers or Pokémon, Mortal Kombat or GTA5, by creating a backdrop that looks like the screen of their game consoles. You can also get creative by making props and hiring or creating costumes to bring your favourite video game characters to life!


A boat party theme idea combined with the boat party dress is a great choice for large groups of people who want to dress up, roleplay and enjoy spending time with their friends and family outside but don’t necessarily want to go through the hassle of planning a trip to a remote location or spending up big money.

When planning and booking your next boat party theme idea, divide the cost equally between your guests and be surprised at how affordable a day on the water can be. Keep these themed ideas in mind and create plenty of your own to make sure your event is nothing short of memorable!


  • Alphabet Soup. Pick a letter and wear a costume of that letter. See what word combinations you come with for photo ops when your guests mingle naturally.
  • Cowboys and Indian Squaws
  • Aliens
  • Cops and Robbers
  • League of Justice /Marvel character
  • Favourite ‘Boy Band’ look alike
  • Black and White
  • Top Gun Pilots