A Guide To Hiring A Male Stripper: Secrets, Hints And Tips

hiring a male stripper

Hiring a male stripper is shrouded in mystery. It’s something most people will only do once or twice for special occasions, if ever. If you’ve been tasked with booking a stripper, whether it’s as a hens party gift, a birthday or any other special event that calls for paying a stranger to get naked, don’t take the plunge without consulting our handy guide.

Nothing beats clarifying things with the adult entertainment agency directly (and there’s a list of suggested questions below), but to give you a general idea of how the whole thing works, we’ve compiled some general guidelines with references to three major Australian adult entertainment agencies: Magic Men, Sassy Strippers and Delicious Entertainment.

Will The Male Stripper Look The Same In Real Life As He Does On The Website?

He certainly should.

Most agencies, like Magic Men, guarantee that the photos on their sites are updated regularly. Likewise, Sassy Strippers guarantees the entertainer in the photo that we agree on prior is the performer‘, and they will let you know if your chosen performer can’t make it and let you select another. So, hiring a male stripper should be a case of ‘what you see is what you get’.

How Long Does A Male Stripper’s Performance Go For?

The length of the performance varies from one stripper to another, and you’ll get some input into what kind of show you want.

Magic Men’s shows can last from 15 to 45 minutes, depending on what you’re after and what you’re willing to pay. Sassy Strippers say the average length of one of their shows is between 15 and 20 minutes, but they can go longer than that for a fee. Similarly, a performance by a male stripper from Delicious Entertainment lasts 15 or 20 minutes.

What’s The Shortest Amount Of Time You Can Book A Male Stripper For?

As you can gather from what we said above, the minimum amount of time a male stripper’s performance goes for is generally 15 minutes.

But there’s some variation between agencies on how much time you have to book. Delicious Entertainment’s website says some agencies may need you to book a stripper for several hours for a smaller group of people or require you to hire more than one stripper if you want a performance that goes for a shorter amount of time. This is definitely something you should clarify upfront. 

What’s The Shortest Amount Of Time You Can Book A Topless Waiter For?

For example, at Magic Men, the shortest time you can book is two hours.

The minimum time for a topless waiter booking varies between agencies, but it may be more than the minimum amount of time you can book a male stripper. 

Do I Have To Make A Deposit To Book A Male Stripper?


It’s pretty standard across agencies that employ male strippers to require a deposit upfront to secure your performance date, with the rest of the fee to be paid on the day. Both Magic Men and Sassy Strippers follow this procedure.

When Do You Pay For A Male Stripper?

With most adult entertainment agencies, you make the payment for a male stripper or on the day (this excludes the deposit you’ll usually have to pay ahead of time). Confirm whether this payment must be in cash with the agency you choose.

How Far Ahead Do You Need To Book A Male Stripper?

As far ahead as you can conveniently manage.

If you have a particular date (and a particular stripper) in mind, booking as far in advance as possible is best to ensure you get what you want. Some strippers have standing gigs at venues. If so, they’ll have to work around these commitments when taking your booking.

Can You Take Photos Of A Male Stripper?

This depends on the agency.

For example, Magic Men has no policy against photos, but you’ll have to get permission from the individual performer when he arrives. Sassy Strippers doesn’t tolerate photography at all.

Can You Film A Male Stripper?


For most agencies, this is not tolerated, and it may even result in the cancellation of the performance. Per their website, Sassy Strippers’ performers will leave with the full amount of pay if an audience member needs to be told to stop filming more than once.

Can I Touch A Male Stripper? 

Again, it’s a no in general.

As these are entertainers, not sex workers. However, Sassy Strippers says you can ‘only touch something if you are directed to do so‘, and assuming you’re not allowed to touch unless you’re invited to or it’s been negotiated ahead of time is a good general rule.

Do Male Strippers Perform Sex Acts?

Absolutely not.

As we’ve said before, there’s some variation in policy between different agencies employing male strippers, but they’re all unequivocal on this point.

How Do You Book A Male Stripper For Someone Else?

You can make a booking either by phone, via email or through an online form with most agencies.

With any of these options, you’ll get a chance to hammer out the details of what you want when someone from the agency confirms your appointment. One word of advice: be very sure the person you’re booking for won’t be uncomfortable with a male stripper before you commit.

hiring a male stripper

What Does A Male Stripper Need For His Performance? 

Ask your agency about this when you make a booking, but Magic Men suggests the following:

1. Money

As most agencies demand the remaining payment (what’s left after your deposit) on the day of performance, you’ll have to have the money ready. 

2. A Private Room

The stripper might not want to walk through the streets in a firefighter costume or pants that can rip apart with snaps, so it’s a good idea to supply him with a room where he can get ready.

3. A Performance Area

There should be an area with plenty of room to move around and no clutter like furniture to get in the way of the performance.

4.A Chair

The exception to the above point: when the performance is in honour of a bride, birthday girl or other special individual, there should be a chair for her to sit on. One with no arms is best.

How Far Will Male Strippers Travel For A Job?

This depends on what agency you choose.

Often with the bigger agencies, performers can travel a reasonable distance outside the major cities they’re based in, but there may be an extra charge. For example, Magic Men will send performers to rural areas, but it’ll be an extra dollar for every kilometer travelled. 

What Do You Do If You Don’t Have A Place For A Male Stripper To Perform?

If you’re stuck for a location, you can hire a function room.

Some adult entertainment agencies either have their own venues or can give you a deal on hiring part of one.

Before you book a stripper for your venue, make sure they’ll allow the performance. If you choose a venue that doesn’t allow male strippers, you may still be able to get some topless waiters.

For example, when you book a hen’s party cruise with Party Cruises Gold Coast, you can get a topless waiter for $110 per hour, and because you can have up to 16 guests on board, you can spread out the cost to make it incredibly affordable.

Will Male Strippers Perform For Mixed Crowds?

It’s best to clarify this issue with the agency if your event will be mixed, as not all strippers are willing to perform for both sexes.

However, it’s not necessarily a deal breaker. Magic Men has strippers that will perform for a mixed crowd (although there may be a surcharge for some kinds of events). Delicious Entertainment can also provide strippers for mixed crowds if enough notice is given. 

What Else Should I Plan For The Night?

The agency might be able to help you out with a few suggestions for the party, like dance lessons or being picked up in a limousine. 

male stripper pole dance

How Will I Know When The Male Stripper Or Topless Waiter Has Arrived On The Night?

For Magic Men, the policy is for the performer to text the contact person to let them know when he’s nearby. If the booking is somewhere other than a private home, like a hotel, You might have to meet him in the reception area to let him in. 

Does A Male Stripper Bring His Own Music?

Check with the agency, but most strippers will be willing to perform to the music of your choice or bring their own.

The website for Sassy Strippers points out that if you do want the stripper to supply his own music, you need to let the agency know ahead of time so he can bring it.

Will A Stripper Perform In A Public Place Like A Restaurant?

This will probably be okay but check with the adult entertainment agency beforehand.

You’ll also have to check with the venue you plan on booking to make sure they permit it. It would be a pain if you paid for the stripper, and he wasn’t allowed to do the job when he got there. If you need some suggestions for great Gold Coast restaurants for your hens night, take a look at our other article.

Can You Book A Male Stripper Any Day Of The Week?

It depends on the agency.

Sassy Strippers, for example, will let you book a show’ 7 days a week 365 days of the year, day or night‘. This is common: Delicious Entertainment says that ‘most agencies provide strippers at any hour of the day or night with an advance reservation‘ (they themselves run services Monday to Sunday) but caution that you should book well in advance to get the performer and date you want.

How Should I Decide Which Agency To Hire A Male Stripper From?

To make sure you have the best experience possible, do a bit of research before choosing a particular agency. But how can you go about finding the right one for you? 

1. Research 

Any adult entertainment agency is sure to have a website; this is a good place to get your questions answered. And if what you want to know isn’t covered on the site, there’ll be contact information so you can make an enquiry. Some sites also have testimonials from former clients so you can read about other people’s experiences. It’s best to compare a few agencies before you make a booking.

2. Word Of Mouth

Do you know anyone who’s booked a male stripper recently? You might be able to get a good recommendation. A former client can give you information about the ins and outs of the booking process and the show from a perspective more relevant to you. They might be able to tell you things the agency won’t share.

3. Asking Questions

Adult entertainment agencies want your business and usually welcome the chance to tell you more about their services. Before you make a booking, take the time to ask them a few questions. In the preceding article, we’ve looked at the practices of a few specific agencies to give you answers to common questions, but it’s best to clarify things directly with the agency you choose.

Here are a few questions you might want to ask:

  • What does the service cost and what’s included?
  • Is there a deposit? Does any part of the payment have to be in cash?
  • How long does a performance go for? 
  • Is there a minimum amount of time I have to book for? 
  • Is there a minimum amount of money I have to spend?
  • Can I get the stripper of my choice?
  • What happens if the stripper I choose has to cancel?
  • Are there rules about who can be at the show? Can men attend?
  • Are there any limits on what time of day or night you can book a show?
  • Can the performance be at any location I want?
  • Do I need to provide the stripper with anything for the show when he arrives?
  • Are there rules about what the performer won’t do?
  • What other rules are there?
  • Will the stripper bring his own music? Can I choose the music if I want to?
hiring a male stripper

What Safety Measures Can A Woman Take When Hiring A Male Stripper?

Booking a male stripper should be fun, but you have to remember you’re dealing with a total stranger. It’s important to take a few precautions.

  • Be Careful With Your Details

If you want to be as cautious as possible, it’s wise to hold the performance on ‘neutral’ ground, like a hotel or other venue, rather than at your home. And as an extension of that, don’t give the stripper your address.

  • Hire From An Agency

Not all strippers are employed by agencies; some advertise their details online and work for themselves. 

Hiring a stripper through an agency is a safer option for several reasons:

1. The Agency Acts As A Middleman

An agency gives you some extra distance between you and the performer. You do most of your negotiations about the kind of act you want with them, and if you pay for your deposit with a credit card or bank deposit, it’s the agency that’s getting your details rather than a stranger from social media.

2. There Are Standards Being Enforced

If an agency has a legitimate-looking website and looks to have been around for a few years, this in itself is some indication of quality: businesses where things go badly wrong are less likely to endure. An agency will also have policies about how their performers are supposed to behave (which you can ask about), while a performer working on his own sets his own standards.

3. There Is More Accountability 

If something goes wrong, you’ll have somewhere to direct the authorities if you’re dealing with a legitimate business with all the usual trappings like an office and an Australian Business Number (ABN). If you’re dealing with an individual you found online, it’s much easier for him to vanish into thin air.

Knowledge Is Power

You should feel a bit more confident about the prospect of hiring a male stripper after this comprehensive survey of the world of adult entertainment. But there’s no need to become an expert: exercise some basic caution, shop around and ask plenty of questions of the agencies you look at to make your event the most fun it can be.