50 Best Gifts For Hens Party In 2023

hens party gifts

First Of All, Do You Buy Gifts For Hens Party?

Gifts for hens party: There are no strong traditions around the hens – the guests at the hens party – giving presents to the bride like those for kitchen teas or bridal showers (for a fuller discussion about what a hens party is and how it differs from a bridal shower or a kitchen tea, check out our comprehensive article What Is A Hens Party).

Unfortunately, this means there is no real etiquette to help you decide whether or not to do it – you’re on your own (or on your own with the other hens). One thing that should factor into your decision is whether or not there was a bridal shower or any other pre – wedding event where you already gave the bride a gift. If there was, you might want to scale down your hens night gift for her or skip it altogether. Ask the other hens if you’re not sure. 

How Much Is Okay To Expect People To Pay For A Hens Party Gift?

If you collectively decide to get the bride a gift for the hens night, the next question to ask yourself is how much to spend. Even if there was no bridal shower to buy a gift for, remember you have to budget for the wedding gift. Plus, there are the costs of the hens party itself–guests are expected to pay their own way and cover the bride, not to mention other expenses like venue hire or booking male strippers.

Considering all these expenses, it’s quite reasonable for hens to restrict themselves to $30 or less when choosing a hens night gift for the bride. This could mean either giving a little gift from you alone or spreading the cost of a bigger gift among all the hens to keep things manageable. 

50 Hens Party Gifts For The Bride

With all that out of the way, let’s get to the gifts. In compiling this list, we’ve tried to avoid too much stuff for the home and kitchen, the traditional domain of bridal shower and kitchen tea gifts (although, just quietly, there are some bridal shower – appropriate gifts here, too).

Let’s face it; the bride probably has plenty of stuff like that on her wedding registry, so you’ll have ample opportunity to get her an ice cream maker or a panini press. Instead, we’ve focused on a mix of personal and fun items focused on the bride herself – and to a lesser extent, the groom. The gifts here vary quite a bit in price, so there are small gifts and more lavish ones to chip in for.

1. A Photo Album And Scrapbook

As the bride embarks on her new life, give her a scrapbook filled with memories of her old one and good wishes for the future. All the hens can contribute a photo of themselves with the bride and a nice note.

Photo Album And Scrapbook

2. A Bridal Tote Bag

The period leading up to a wedding involves a lot of…stuff. This bag could come in handy for bringing things home from the hen party if it’s a multi-day affair, taking makeup and other supplies to the venue on the wedding day, and carrying beach gear on the honeymoon. You could even pack it with some sunscreen and a beach towel.

bridal tote bag

3. Personalised Lingerie

Get a few laughs by giving the bride some personalised underwear embroidered with a message. You could choose ‘The Bride’, ‘Mrs (new surname, if she’s going to have one)’, her nickname, or any message you like.

Personalised Lingerie

4. A Luxury Bag For Cosmetics And Toiletries

For most brides, the wedding day is the most care they’ll take with their makeup in their lifetime. If your bride is doing her own makeup for the wedding, she’ll have a lot of supplies to drag around. Even when the wedding is over, this roomy vanity case is something she can keep using for years to come.

5. A Customised Stamp For Addressing Her Wedding Invites

Okay, by the time the hens party rolls around, the bride will probably already have sent the wedding invitations, but an address stamp is something the couple can use any time they send mail jointly. This Etsy store offers multiple options for combinations of first names and surnames, so you can get something regardless of whether she’s changing her name.

Customised Stamp For Addressing Her Wedding Invites

6. A Map Of The Night Sky The Day Of Their Wedding

Capturing the exact position of the stars on their wedding day (or the day they met, or any other day that’s significant for them), this beautiful framed print can also show the names of the bride and groom.

custom star frame night we met

7. A Bracelet With A Message In Morse Code

This bracelet spells a word or phrase of your choice in Morse code using a sequence of different-coloured beads. You could spell the date of the bride’s wedding, her name, the first initials of all the hens, or anything else that will be meaningful to her.

8. A Book Of Cocktail Recipes

Give the bride this book at the hens party and bring along the ingredients for a few of the cocktails inside to well and truly get the party started. If she doesn’t like the trendy spirit of the moment, gin, this book is one in a series that includes vodka and tequila.

Book Of Cocktail Recipes

9. A Custom Print Of The Couple’s Names

Some couple-themed art can be a little sickly-sweet, but this minimalist print of their names on plenty of white space should be a fairly uncontroversial choice. And if you’re still unsure, you can get her the smallest version in an A4 size.

Custom Print Of The Couple's Names

10. A Young Tree 

Get the bride a sapling like this Japanese maple to plant in the couple’s backyard (if they have one). As it grows over the years, they’ll think of their time as newlyweds every time they see it.

young tree

11. A Necklace With The Coordinates Of A Location Important To Her

This is one for all the hens to pitch in for–get the delicate bar on this chain engraved with the latitude and longitude of the wedding venue, the place she met the groom or any other special location.

Necklace With The Coordinates Of A Location Important To Her

12. An Instant Camera To Take Photos Of The Party

This device is like one of those instant cameras that were huge in the 80s updated for today. Pre-load it with film before you give it to the bride for a fun gift the whole bridal party will enjoy.

Instant Camera

13. A Personalised Sun Hat For The Honeymoon

If you choose to have at least part of your hens party in an outdoor setting, the bride can start wearing this hat right away. And even if none of the party is outdoors, it could be funny to have her walking around from one nightclub to another in a gigantic hat with the word ‘bride’ on it.

personalised sun hat

14. A Gift Card For A Spa

If the bride is finding the whole business of wedding prep a bit stressful, indulge her with a gift card for a massage at a spa to help her unwind.

endota spa

15. A Personalised Cushion With Their Names And Their Wedding Date

This is one of those gift ideas that would be equally fine for a bridal shower, being something for the home. But the bride might appreciate having something soft to lean on by the night’s end.

16. A Personalised Wine Cooler

This sleek stainless steel wine cooler can be engraved with the couple’s name for use at many dinner parties to come, but if you’re having an outdoor hen party, why not enjoy it right now?

personalised wine cooler

17. Personalised Wind Chimes

The leaf-shaped pendulum on these chimes can be laser-etched with a special message from the hens. Whenever the bride hears their deep tones, she’ll remember the fun she had on her hens night (so you better make the party a good one).

custom personalised wind chimes

18. A Digital Photo Frame

This frame stores thousands of photos. Why not load it with a selection of pictures from her life pre-marriage? You could also hold off on giving it to her until later and put on some photos from the hens party.

digital photo frame customised personalised

19. A Message From A Celebrity

Why not give the bride a laugh by starting the party with a video message from Dr Karl out of Neighbours or 80s pro wrestler Bret’ Hitman’ Hart? Cameo has a wide selection of celebrities, so you’re sure to find someone she’ll get a kick out of. Just be aware that prices vary, and you’ll pay quite a bit for the bigger names.

customised personalised

20.  A Pair Of Fuzzy Slippers

Here’s a gift that she can use straight away if part of the hens party takes place in a hotel, spa, or home, but they’ll also be perfect for getting ready on the morning of the wedding. You can choose from a range of options for customisation, including ‘Mrs’ or a letter on each foot, or leave them plain.

customised personalised bridal slipper

21. A Small, Personalised Wooden Jewellery Box

This box has two indents inside to hold the couple’s wedding rings, and the top can be engraved with their initials. You can also have your message to them engraved on the inside of the lid, so the bride will see your good wishes whenever she opens it.

personalised ring jewelry box

22. A Pair Of Engraved Spoons With The Wedding Date

If the bride loves coffee, get her a sentimental gift of these engraved spoons to help her remember the magic of her wedding day every morning (and hopefully defuse a few morning arguments).

personalised cutlery

23. A Lingerie Subscription

Keep the hens party energy going into the first year of her marriage with a lingerie subscription like this one from Underclub. She’ll get new underwear every month for the period you choose, in a style that suits her. You probably know her well enough to choose this, but you can update your setting anytime if she’s not into it.

24. A Wedding Advent Calendar

There’s no doubt the bride is already excited enough, but you can give the wedding even more of a build-up by giving her this advent calendar. It’s like the ones kids have in the lead-up to Christmas, but instead of being pre-filled, it’s left empty so you can add your own contents. Have each hen write a personalised message and add tiny photos and mementos.

wedding advent calendar

25. A Cartoon Print Of The Bridal Party

Capture the hens in cartoon form with this customised bachelorette party cartoon. You can choose from a range of outfits, hair colours, styles, and accessories to capture the characters of the whole crew.

custom bachelorette hens party print

26. A Piece Of Jewellery With An Engraving

Surprise the bride with a small piece of jewellery engraved with something personal. With this necklace, you can include several disks engraved with initials, images like butterflies and moons, or the flower that symbolises the month of the wedding.

pendant necklace jewelry engraving

27. A Box Of Chocolates

If you want to keep it simple, get the bride a box of chocolates. It could be a small one for an individual gift, or all the hens could pitch in for a larger box of premium chocolates. She might even share them around at night if she feels generous.

box of chocolates

28. A Charm For The Bridal Bouquet

If the bride has a loved one who’s passed on, she can still feel close to them on her wedding day by attaching this photo charm to her bouquet. This is about the most sentimental gift here, so think carefully about the right time to give it to her in case she gets a little emotional.

memory remembrance wedding bridal bouquet charm locket brooch

29. A Customised Wine Box

This box has individual spaces for three bottles of wine. As well as having the couple’s name and the year of their wedding, you can choose to have each bottle marked for a particular anniversary and put on a foil seal, so they have to wait for it.

custom personalised wine box

30. A Personalised World Travel Map

For the bride who loves to travel, get the hens to chip in for a travel map where she can record the places she’s been with the included push pins. You can customise it with the couple’s names. It comes with 100 pins in a colour of your choice, but an additional fun option could be to buy pins separately in a different colour to record the places where the couple have travelled together.

Personalized World Travel Map with Pins

31. A Custom Night Light

Brighten up the bride’s life with a glowing heart-shaped night light bearing her name and the groom’s, together with the wedding date.

custom night light

32. A Wearable Bracelet Flask

For a gift she can enjoy as soon as the hens party begins, get the bride this rose gold-plated flask she can wear on her wrist. It’s stainless steel under the gold plating, so you can also have it inscribed with a message from you. Just remember to wash and fill it before the party starts.

Wearable rose gold plated flask

33. A Bridal Robe 

Treat the bride to a robe for the morning of her wedding day in silk and lace with her special status in gold foil across the back.

bridal robe

34. A Travel Coffee Mug

This affordable but thoughtful gift will help her get through the rigours of wedding planning (you’d better make it a big one).

coffee travel mug

35. A Clock To Show The Days, Hours, Minutes And Seconds Since She Got Married

This unique stopwatch is built to start only once and keep counting for 2,738 years. You can get it engraved with a personal message, and the bride can start it the day she gets married.

stopwatch customised

36. A Game To Play At The Hens Party

Get the party started with this adult game. You might point out that this one is a gift for the whole hen party rather than the bride, but you’re actually giving her the gift of memories (of her friends embarrassing themselves).

adult party card game hens party

37. A Luxurious Set Of Pyjamas

Give the bride a lavish set of pyjamas in bridal white embroidered with her initials–old or new–because at least some of the sleepwear she takes on honeymoon should be comfortable.

Luxurious Set Of Pyjamas

38. A Monthly Plant Subscription

If she’s one of those people who comes home with a new pot plant every time she leaves the house, enable her addiction by arranging to have a new plant delivered to her doorstep every month for three, six or nine months.

gift card plant subscription

39. A Cooking Class

If the bride loves Italian food, get her a class in making pasta, pizza or gnocchi on the Gold Coast with Salt Meats Cheese. You can even book a place for the groom if he needs a bit of help in that department.

cooking class

40. A Set Of Novelty Shot Glasses

Here’s another one that’s more of a gift for all the hens. These cute cactus-shaped shot glasses will put a smile on everyone’s face even before you fill them up.

shot glass

41. A Personalised Cutting Board

This is one of those home – related gifts that are also great for a bridal shower or kitchen tea – a good hens party gift if the bride’s not having either of those. The thing that sets this apart from all the other personalised cutting boards out there is that the couple’s names are engraved on the side of the cutting board rather than the top, so they can be seen even while the flat cutting surface is laid out for use. You can also get the bottom engraved with a larger message.

personalised custom cutting board

42. A Skydiving Experience

If she’s a certain kind of person, give her a gift voucher for a tandem skydive over the Gold Coast. After this, marriage won’t seem so scary after all.


43. A Candle With A Personalised Message

Available in ten different fragrances, this small gift still gives you the option of personalisation with a message on the label.

personalised custom candle gift

44. A Monogrammed Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

The bride can take this stylish set on the honeymoon and all her other travels.

Monogrammed Passport Holder and Luggage Tag Set

45. A Set Of Engraved Wood and Marble Coasters

Another bridal shower – esque gift for the home, these coasters can be engraved with the couple’s names and their wedding date.

personalised custom coasters

46. A bottle Of Organic Massage Oil

One of the more affordable gifts on this list, these massage oils with all – organic ingredients will still bring a touch of luxury to the honeymoon.

relaxing massage body oil

47. A Personalised Artwork Cut From A Vintage Map

This artwork uses real vintage maps in a heart-shaped artwork that commemorates a place that means something to the bride.

Personalised Artwork Cut From A Vintage Map

48. A Cocktail Gift Pack

One more addition to the ‘actually a gift for the hens’ genre as we round out this list. This is a box of ready – made cocktails; all that’s missing is the alcohol. Just bring ice, a shaker and a couple of different bottles of spirits to be your own hens night bartender.

cocktails gift pack

49. A Personalised Ornament

If it’s going to be an end – of – year wedding, you can get them an ornament with their names commemorating their first Christmas as a married couple. The fact that they’ll only pull it out once a year makes it extra special – every time they see it, they’ll remember their wedding and the friends who gave it to them.

personalised christmas couple ornament custom

50. A Wishing Well 

For a group of friends who just can’t decide, or if the bride has made it clear she could do with the money, there’s this personalised wishing well box for cash donations. The couple could put this out at their wedding and make it clear to guests that they’d rather have some help with their honeymoon or new life together than a toaster (it would be best to let guests know well ahead of the ceremony out of courtesy). The hens could even start her off with some money when they give it to her.

wishing well

Beyond Gifts: Other Hens Party Supplies

A hens party can get pretty wild, so it’s a good idea to prepare for minor disasters ahead of time. On the following checklists are a few suggestions about what to take with you, whether your hens party is a traditional big night out or one of the multi – day hen fests that have become increasingly popular over the last few years.

What Should I Bring To A Hen Party For One Night (Or Day)?

Note: you can pick up many of these items in mini sizes at supermarkets or pharmacies to save money and handbag real estate – you don’t want to carry around half the contents of a shop all night.


gifts for hens party

How To Pack For A Hen Party Over Multiple Days

In addition to the stuff on the list above, consider the items on this list when packing for a weekend-long (or longer) hens party.


hens party checklist

How To Make A Hens Party Gift Box

So, you’ve just had plenty of inspo for what to give the bride if you’re a hen, but should you give anything to the hens if you’re a bride? Well, since we may be talking about ten or more people, no one will expect you to spend much on each gift. Many brides are giving hens a little box or bag containing the kind of bits and pieces on the One – Night Hens Party Supplies Checklist above, plus a few more fun items to make it feel like a treat.

You can get a few boxes or bags (as plain or as fancy as you want) and add some emergency supplies for the party, plus a few treats like: 

  • Mini sizes or samples in skincare or makeup products
  • Wearables like plastic tiaras or sashes
  • Individually wrapped chocolates
  • Novelties like party poppers 

How Do You Make A Hens Party Special?

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make a hens party special – just a bit of care and thought when planning the whole event can go a long way to giving everyone a night to remember. Once you have the gifts and other sundries planned and purchased, the next step is to think of the perfect environment for the party.

The Perfect Hens Party Venue

A hens party cruise on the Gold Coast can be the perfect location to give gifts, laugh about old times, and above all, celebrate. On Party Cruises Gold Coast’s pontoon, the Mirage Sun 33, there’s a flat indoor area to shelter you from the weather while letting you take in the beautiful views on all sides with enormous windows. You can even indulge in some karaoke with the system on board once the party gets going.

The boat can take 16 guests, so you can split the costs of the venue just like another gift.If you share the costs between 15 people (yes, the Mirage Sun 33 can accommodate 16, but we’re assuming you intend to cover the bride), you’ll pay only $60 per head for a three – hour cruise – not much to pay for memories you’ll all treasure forever.